Background and product philosophy

The beauty-tech brand AYLIMA is based in Stockholm and was founded in 2021 by the registered nurses Jimmy Kroon Frisendahl, Christian Blomqvist, Elice De Leeuw, Sandra Ardic Blomqvist and market veteran Lucas Kalda. Together they saw a unique gap in the market for high quality beauty products at a reasonable price direct to consumer.


Our philosophy is to offer smart, safe and reliable technical beauty products at affordable prices. The products must be easy to use and work for the needs of the many regarding skin type and tones.

We offer products that are carefully developed for the best results and security. They are of course produced with the full requirements of the market and the law.


AYLIMA is tested and developed together with dermatologists, nurses and engineers. All electrical products comply with EU directives, CE and RoHS. This is to ensure that our products maintain high quality without disturbing skin or the environment. The products are produced in certified factories. The products are easy to use and strive for maximum safety and benefit. We have developed products adapted to the most common skin types.


Is dermatologically tested and has been developed together with dermatologists, toxicologists and biologists. Everything to ensure that our products are of the highest quality for your skin and our common environment. All products are easy to use and adapted to the most common skin types. Of course, they are vegan, organic and nothing has been tested on animals.

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