Wash your face with your hands or a face brush?

Washing your face is something you should do daily to remove dirt, grease and impurities. The air contains many harmful particles, bacteria and impurities that our faces collect during the day. Our faces are therefore dirtier than we think, even if it is not always visible. It is therefore important to clean the skin on the face. In addition, this is a way to avoid pimples, irritation, dryness and other problems.

It is recommended to wash your face twice a day, preferably morning and evening. One should not wash the face too often, as this can dry out the skin. This can cause the skin to overproduce oil to compensate for the dryness. If you use make-up, it is extra important to clean your skin and remove the make-up before going to bed, to get rid of the oils and ingredients that the make-up contains.

Washing the face with hands

Washing your face with your hands is the most common way to clean your face. However, most people don't think to wash their hands before washing their face. Think about everything your hands touch in an entire day, and how much bacteria and dirt is on them. When we wash our face with our hands, these bacteria are transferred from our hands to our face.

Washing your face may seem easy, but it's harder than you think to really deep clean your skin and remove all particles, dirt and products. You may have noticed that yourself when you had to wash your face several times to completely get rid of the make-up? Fortunately, today there are other ways to more effectively clean the skin on the face. For example, using a face brush.

To wash the face with a face brush

Face brush, silicone vibrating brush, silicone brush, electric face brush or face cleansing brush, dear child has many names. By using a face cleansing brush, you can clean your skin six times better than your hands can do.

With the help of a vibrating silicone face brush, you can also remove dead skin cells, which means that your skin care products are then absorbed better by the skin, and make-up products apply better. In addition, a facial brush increases blood circulation in the face, which leads to radiance and skin that looks fresh and healthy. A silicone brush cleans the skin deeply and gives it a natural exfoliation. In addition, it cleans the pores and removes dirt, make-up residues and bacteria.

The difference between using your hands and a facial brush

There are big differences between using your hands and using a silicone facial brush when washing your face. Accessing the pores on the face with only the hands is difficult, as the pores are very small. Because the facial brush has small silicone bristles, it can reach the pores more easily. The fact that the facial brush is electric and vibrates makes it even easier to access the pores and clean the skin in depth.

It will also be easier to remove make-up with a facial brush than it is by using your hands. This is because the face brush is better at removing dirt and make-up residues. It is also more hygienic and clean to use a face brush as it does not have bacteria on it like our hands do.