Remove facial hair with IPL hair removal

There are several ways to remove hair and everyone has different preferences of what they think works best for them. Many people today want to remove their facial hair, not only men who want to remove any beard growth, but also many women are looking for a way to effectively remove facial hair.

The most common way to remove hair is by using a razor, but this method often causes problems such as irritation, pimples, ingrown hairs, itching and more. In addition, shaving only provides short-term hair removal, as the hair has time to grow back in just a few days.

Therefore, many are looking for a more long-lasting way to remove their body hair. One of the methods for long-term hair removal is IPL. IPL is laser radiation and works by directing light impulses to the skin which are absorbed by the melanin found in the hair root. These light pulses stimulate the hair follicles and cause them to go into a resting phase, which in turn causes the hair to split naturally and prevent hair regrowth.

IPL can be used on all areas of the body and is excellent if you are looking for a way to remove facial hair.

IPL facial treatment

IPL differs from other hair removal methods as IPL gives a permanent result.

You don't have to shave, wax and epilate several times, for example. Therefore, IPL is a good option if you want permanent facial hair removal.

The areas of the face where you may want to remove hair are, for example, the chin, upper lip, sideburns and between the eyebrows.

The hairs on the body do not grow at the same rate, but all have different hair growth cycles. IPL is only effective on hair in its growth phase and therefore a treatment schedule of 6-12 weeks is recommended. Read more about how to go about doing an IPL treatment here.

With all forms of IPL and laser, regardless of whether they are performed in a salon or from home, you need to have some kind of maintenance treatment afterwards in order for the hair removal to be maintained permanently.

IPL hair removal at home

You can perform IPL hair removal on yourself from the comfort of your own home, and therefore avoid going to a salon.

You don't need any special knowledge or training to be able to treat with IPL, but the device is created so that everyone can use it. After four treatments, your hair growth has been reduced by 75%. After 12 treatments you will see complete results and the area you treated will remain hair free.

Is IPL hair removal for you?

IPL hair removal is best suited to darker hairs as they contain the most melanin which responds well to the IPL treatment.

Very fair hair does not have the amount of melanin required for a successful IPL treatment. The method is also not suitable for red hair as those hairs have a different type of melanin that does not work for the treatment. A successful treatment requires a low melanin content in the skin, IPL is therefore not suitable for dark skin tones.

The IPL method is usually painless, unlike other hair removal methods such as waxing and epilation. You therefore do not have to worry about a painful treatment.

You can order an IPL hair removal machine here.