How safe is IPL to use at home?

The question that many people ask before they decide to try IPL as a hair removal method
is whether IPL is dangerous to use. We can answer that question directly and say, No, it is not dangerous but as with all cosmetic treatments there can be risks.

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a treatment method to
treat hair growth, stubble, razor bumps, red dots, ingrown hairs and irritants
hair growth on the body and face.

Is IPL carcinogenic?
IPL as a hair removal method has been around for more than 25 years and no
studies show that there is some connection between cancer and IPL treatment. There are also none documented
studies that show a connection between skin cancer and IPL.

When not to choose IPL as a hair removal method?
If you are pregnant, you should avoid using IPL as it is not available
any studies or documented research on pregnant women. IPL treatment
Intimate areas such as the bikini line can be treated perfectly with IPL, however, you should never treat mucous membranes directly, all around is fine. Men should not
treat directly on the scrotum (scrotum).

How is the skin affected by IPL?
Since you are treating the hair follicles that sit on the skin, many people ask themselves how the skin is affected by IPL treatment. When you choose your IPL
machine, it is important that you choose an IPL device that has several strengths. This is important because your skin type is unique and different skin types react differently
on the IPL. If you have an IPL machine on which you can set the strength, you minimize the risk of burning yourself. You should always start at the weakest setting
and gradually increase the strength to a level that your skin can handle.

Many IPL devices today also have a built-in safety barrier that reads and adapts to your unique skin type. This means that if your skin type is not compatible with IPL treatment, the IPL device will be switched off.

Can you treat the face with IPL?
One of the most common treatment areas with IPL is the face. Many choose to remove hair with an IPL machine in areas such as above the lip,
the eyebrows, sideburns and chin.

When treating areas close to the eyes, it is important to think about protecting your eyes. When you choose your IPL machine, it is important to review what equipment you get with your IPL machine. Many companies choose to send only an IPL device without sending safety glasses. 

Aylima's IPL technology is clinically tested at several test laboratories in Sweden for electronics and all our products are CE-marked/FC-marked, RoHs-marked. Aylima was started by nurses who think one step further when it comes to safety. We always send protective glasses in our IPL kit, so you can IPL safely at home.

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