headspot x AYLIMA

AYLIMA builds new relationship with Headspot.com. They want to be able to offer you a complete solution regarding beauty, and we have a place in their large assortment there. They have now taken in our IPL. Our ipl is intended for home use. IPL hair removal works perfectly at home, where you can smoothly and discreetly remove your unwanted body hair. AYLIMA ipl machine is not intended for salon use, but you can order it easily via their website. Do not confuse IPL with IPL laser. There is simply no such thing as an IPL laser. IPL technology is based on several light beams, while lasers emit only one beam. Laser is performed in a clinic and IPL is intended for home use. If you are curious about before and after pictures, go to our product pages. You choose whether you want to buy your IPL for home use at AYLIMA or go to headspot.com. Whatever is most convenient for you! A warm welcome to the Headspot.com family