Get rid of pimples with a facial cleansing device

Are you bothered by pimples? You're not alone. Most of us at some point in our lives have problems with pimples, impure skin, red rashes, irritation and dryness. Especially during the winter in our cold Nordic climate, the skin becomes extra dry and even more problems can arise. 

This often leads to irritation and low self-confidence. In addition, the stress of this can cause even more problems with the complexion. It is therefore important to take care of your skin and use caring products, but also good methods for proper facial cleansing. 

How to get rid of pimples 

Pimples, which are actually called acne, are rashes caused by inflamed sebaceous glands. It is most common to get pimples on the face, chest and back as this is where we have the most sebaceous glands. If you have pimples, you should avoid greasy creams and oils. This is because these clog the sebaceous glands and can worsen the acne. 

Acne is not caused by impurities, but it is still important to clean your face once or twice a day to avoid pimples. If you use make-up, it is important to carefully remove the make-up before going to bed. Many make-up products contain oils which, as mentioned above, can clog the sebaceous glands and worsen the situation. 

Facial cleansing with machine 

Cleansing the face is not always as easy as it sounds. With all the skin care and makeup products our skin has to endure, it can be difficult to deeply remove these products from the skin. Most people use their hands to clean their face, but it can be difficult to thoroughly remove all impurities that way. In addition, we often have bacteria on our hands, which can then be transferred to the face instead. Because of this, it may be worth trying a facial cleanser. 

Machine facial cleansing has become increasingly popular due to its beneficial effects and the fact that they can remove makeup and impurities so well. A facial cleanser is like a small, round silicone brush that vibrates. This is used in circular movements on the skin of the face to remove make-up and impurities in depth. 

The cleaning device uses light therapy and is equipped with three different types of light. Red, blue and purple. The red light therapy increases blood circulation in the face and reduces wrinkles. The device is suitable for use with acne as it has an effective blue light therapy that treats all forms of acne and other impurities. Furthermore, it also has a purple light therapy that eliminates toxins, calms inflammation, accelerates the healing of the skin and gives your complexion a glow. 

The cleaning device vibrates with micro-vibrations and thus helps to massage the skin and access it better for cleaning. It can also increase collagen production in the skin and strengthen the skin's elasticity. You can order the facial cleansing device ELVA from us here.