Treat acne - with blue LED light therapy!

Those of you who know know, acne treatment has long been about treating
their skin with strong acne creams or take strong antibiotic regimens for acne. Many of these treatment methods are effective but they also have negative side effects and not so mild either.

From my own experience, I know, I know how benzoyl peroxide dries out your skin and makes it completely red and sore, dry! I know how the antibiotic courses affect one's stomach and that the effect only lasts as long as you take the antibiotics, and you can't stay on antibiotics for a long time either. 3 months and then you are done with the cure and the acne and pimples come back, fun!

Well, it's not that fun. For those who suffer from acne and pimples, this is a big problem and the problem can occupy a large part of one's life world (read everyday), the choice of the word life world is to emphasize that there is a deeper understanding in this blog post about acne. Acne not only occupies one's everyday life, but it leaves deep traces in the psyche and character of those affected.

Light therapy and acne

It has long been known that light therapy is used for various skin conditions, especially blue LED light therapy. However, this treatment method has been carried out in a salon by trained staff and subsequently the price as well. It's not too cheap.

People suffering from acne have long gone to the salon to prevent and treat their acne. This is something that has helped millions of people worldwide but also excluded an equal number of people who neither have the money nor the time to go to a salon several times a week.

Technology is moving from
salon for the home

It's nice when technology advances. In recent years it has
considerable research has been done on light therapy and its effects.

Especially blue light which has been shown to have the best effect on acne and pimples.

Today, you neither need to go to a salon nor spend expensive money on light therapy treatment. You can treat at home, when you want and have time.

Benefits of Blue LED Light Therapy and Acne

1. Blue LED light therapy has an antimicrobial effect, making it effective at killing several types of bacteria that accumulate in your pores and sebaceous glands.

2. Prevents and counteracts bacteria that can lead to breakouts of acne and pimples.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne symptoms.

4. Reduces redness.

5. Eliminates free radicals that oxidize and age your face.

Blue LED light therapy and skin care

Now that you know what blue LED light therapy does for your skin, you may be wondering what happens if you simultaneously use, for example, a serum that deeply moisturizes or has bactericidal properties?

Yes! It's a magical combination. Blue LED light therapy in combination with serum masks has been shown to have an even better effect. Because surely it feels a little stone age to apply serum with your hands?

We live in the 21st century after all.