Biggest, best and most beautiful? It is hardly possible to open a newspaper, search the internet, visit a bus shelter or take a turn somewhere without seeing something to do with Lyko. Lyko is a dream customer to deal with. We are thrilled to be able to supply our entire range to the beauty dragon that is taking Europe by storm. You can easily find us now at

They will not only offer our IPL hair removal for home use but all the products AYLIMA creates. We have recently developed a new wireless IPL that is on its way into the Lyko range. We could talk for hours about this one but choose not to bore you with geeky details. IPL gives you permanent hair removal at home and we have also come out with our new face cleaning machines ELVA. A cleansing machine for the face. A face wash. A facial massage and much more! Our custom-made masks will also arrive shortly. Stay tuned on