Hairsale x AYLIMA

AYLIMA builds relationships locally and nationally. This time we look towards Sundsvall, where you will find salon sax&comb, which runs and describes itself as the arena of vanity. Now they will be able to offer you IPL.

IPL hair removal for home use. Do not confuse it with IPL laser hair removal. IPL is not laser and never will be. IPL means intense pulsed light and works with multiple light beams, while laser means a single light beam. offers our machine so that you can remove your hair permanently. A flexible, strong and affordable machine that works perfectly for you who want to be able to remove your hair at home discreetly in a home environment. You perform laser hair removal in a controlled environment at a certified clinic. IPL at home is a painless hair removal option for those who are tired of razor bumps, freckles and irritated skin. Simply a gentle alternative. We warmly welcome our new family member and hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. If you prefer a physical visit, you will find their salon in Sundsvall.