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About us

AYLIMA a sharp story
Aylima is a Scandinavian beauty-tech brand that has its roots in the deep forests, crispy mountains and smooth fields that characterize what Scandinavia has symbolized since time immemorial. Top quality, cutting-edge product innovation, safety and a soft and embracing design. With these ingredients, Aylima was started, to create not only a product of the highest quality and design, but also an experience and symbolism for equality, simplicity and accessibility.

We hope that Aylima will be able to inspire you to increased independence, a fresh feeling and a confident lifestyle. No matter where you want to reduce your hair growth, we are here to give you smooth and soft skin that lasts.
Aylima's aesthetics and products are one of the industry leaders in terms of longevity, number of light impulses and strength. We use the same technology as the leading luxury salons for hair removal.