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About us

AYLIMA a sharp story
AYLIMA is a Swedish beauty-tech company created by nurses for your safety. We produce and produce goods of the highest quality at a reasonable price.
We know that not all people have an unlimited budget and we want to be the reasonable option without compromising on security.
It is possible to produce goods that are beautiful, safe, secure, strong, durable without having to cost a fortune. It's a challenge just like a night shift in the emergency room on New Year's Eve and we like challenges. We are a hard-working working group that knows that smart solutions lead to more satisfied customers.
Our first product is an IPL kit that can gently help you get rid of unwanted body hair. In addition to a beautiful design, our product is strong, durable, CE-marked, RoHS-marked and of course it meets the requirements that, for example, pharmacies place on good products.
In addition to this, we have added goggles and a razor free of charge so you can get started without having to run to a store and buy your own starter kit. Smart huh? We do not sell goggles or razors, you get them for free so that your experience can be that you can get started immediately. 
We will continue to develop well-thought-out products so that you can safely treat selected parts of the body without having to worry about having made a bad purchase. We will always listen to your feedback, just like during a regular shift at the hospital to ensure that we work towards you having a fantastic experience when you use our products.  
We hope that AYLIMA will be able to inspire you to increased independence, a fresh feeling and a confident lifestyle. 
The nurses at AYLIMA


About us– Aylima