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How to use your AYLIMA IPL device

01.Plug the external power cord. The red indicator gives off a flashing red light. Hold down the on / off / level button for three seconds. Then the appliance is on.

02Press the on / off / level button to adjust your personal intensity level (strength). Level 1 is the lowest and level 6 is the strongest. We recommend that you perform a skin test on each skin area before starting your first treatment. This is to identify which intensity level is right for you and your skin type.

03Aim the appliance at the hair area, when the appliance is in contact with the skin the indicator lights up pink, press the flash button to remove hair. Hold down the flash button for three seconds to automatically give flashes the so-called "glide function", the red indicator then turns blue.

04. Single-mode flashes The Glide function (automatic flashes).

For Single-mode flashes: raim the appliance at the hair area and press the flash button to remove hair.

For Glide function flashes: Hold down the flash button for three seconds. The indicator will then turn blue, the device will automatically flash until it leaves the skin. 

Recommended treatment schedule:
For the first 4-5 treatments, we recommend that you use the device every other to a maximum of 1 time per week. 


After completing your first treatments, it is usually sufficient to maintain once every two to three months to maintain the result.

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