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AYLIMA 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do not see results, you just return the device and we will give you 100% of your money back. Read the terms and conditions below. 

Here's how to get your money back:

Test AYLIMA-IPL for at least 60 days from the delivery date, but not more than 120 days. 

01.You must complete at least 6 treatments and take a photo of the area (s) you deals before each session.

02.If there are no noticeable results from hair loss, contact us with yours orderummer, as well as the pictures, we will review your application.

03.All applications for a refund guarantee of 120 days MUST be submitted within 120 days after receipt of your device.

04.ALL pictures MUST have valid time-and date stamps

05.If your application does not fulfillYou will not be approved for our criteria refund. Incomplete or illegible receivables will not be repaid.

06.If the claim is approved, we will refund you the purchase price for aylima IPL (at at the time of ordering), when the device has been returned toIn our warehouse.The biggest crucial factor for a successful treatment is to simply use it consistently according to our manual, as recommended, and below the recommended the time period.

If you do not follow the instructions, your results will bereflect this. We can not check how often, or how you use your device.Please ensure that you read and understand our entire manual before use.

About the device
have not been used correctly and as instructed in the manual will not refundn att approved.We reserve the right to refuse a refund in the event that we are not satisfied, with the proof that you provide to us.

Shipping costs for sending the unit back to us (once we have approved the return) are the customer's full responsibility, andwill not be refunded.We recommend that you return the device via traceable service. We do not bear the risk of the return does not reach us.We ask all customers to accept up to seven working days for the return to be processed when it has come to our warehouse.


AYLIMA 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | Aylima