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AYLIMAskin is a Scandinavian beauty-tech brand designed to give you long-lasting hair removal. We are here for you as by any amanagement wants less hair growth. Our IPL technology adapts to your skin tone to give you a safe and effective option for hair removal at home in your home. We have decided to raise the bar and always be able to give you the safest and fastest IPL-kit on the market. It´s a tough goal but we promise to give you a soft experience. No matter where you want to reduce your hair growth, we are here for you to give you smooth and soft skin that lasts. At AYLIMAskin, we often talk about functionality without sacrificing design and beauty. Our team of nurses, engineers and designers have worked hard to create the first product line that captures the aesthetics of AYLIMA. Our technology is sharp though our design is kind and our team quite soft. So go soft and embrace a soft and smooth experience with AYLIMAskin. We will be long lasting, just like your results!