Is a deep cleansing skin rejuvenating facial massage device with several functions in one!

EMS Microcurrent:
Massages and stimulates muscles with the help of microcurrent, restores muscle elasticity and stimulates the skin which increases the production of more ATP which is important for collagen production.

Heating promotes absorption and tightens the skin, which makes the skin fuller.

Through mechanical vibration and electrical stimulation, the skin is tightened, increases its elasticity and improves the metabolism of skin cells.

Light blue light can repair rough skin surface, make skin smooth, inhibit acne and eliminate acne. Red light can promote collagen production and effectively inhibits skin wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots and restores skin elasticity and radiance.

To start AYLIMA ELVA hold down the on / off button. Adjust the intensity with the plus or minus buttons.

Setting 1:
Cleaning with blue light. Can be used with or without cotton pad.

With cotton pad: Place the cotton pad against the massage head. Press the fixing ring to hold the cotton pad in place. Apply make-up remover / cleansing lotion and clean the face.

Without cotton pad: Hold with a finger / fingers on the touch sensor and enjoy a warming facial massage with EMS microcurrent, microvibrations and heating.

Setting 2:
Deep cleaning with the cleaning silicone brush, adjust the intensity with the plus or minus buttons.

Setting 3:
Treat with red light, EMS microcurrent, microvibration and heating. Apply facial serum, essence or face mist on the face. Hold the touch sensor with one finger (s) and treat. Adjust the intensity with the plus or minus buttons.

Setting 4:
Treatment with phototherapy. Light blue light and heating. Use the massage head against the desired part of the face to be treated.

Each setting has a usage time of 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, the appliance enters sleep mode and switches off automatically after 1 minute.

The device is fully charged after 2 hours.

Rinse with warm or lukewarm water.