When using AYLIMA IPL for the first time or after recent tanning, perform a skin test on an area you intend to treat with IPL. The skin test is necessary to check your skin's reaction to a treatment and determine the correct light intensity (power) for each body surface. 1. Choose an area close to the surface you intend to treat. 2. Push the ON/OFF button and hold it down for three seconds to start the machine and ensure that you have selected power 1. 3. Hold the device directly against the skin so that the light output window is in direct contact with the skin. 4. Push the flash button to emit a flash of light. 5. Glide the device over the skin to the area intended to be treated. 6. Increase the intensity one power level at a time. Repeat this for all levels within the recommended schedule for your skin tone. 7. After the skin test, wait 2 hours and check your skin for any reaction. If your skin shows no reaction (redness, tingling or stinging sensation), you can use your IPL device on the skin areas you intend to treat. SKIN TONE AND HAIR COLOUR IPL reduces hair regrowth by allowing light pulses to penetrate the hair follicle. The light pulses are absorbed by the hair's colour pigment, melanin. Effectiveness depends on the melanin content of your hair. White and grey hair does not contain enough melanin for IPL to work. IPL also requires a low skin content of melanin, so it does not attract the light but instead the hair does. Dark skin tones are therefore more likely to absorb the intense pulses of light, which can burn the skin. DO YOU HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS? Please see our FAQ